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What Jergens Inc. is Doing to Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

The impact of COVID 19 has been felt by all businesses, large and small. For a majority of companies, business as usual has not been an option.

Like many other companies, Jergens has adapted to this new normal and has changed the way we do business and work as a team.

Jergens Coronavirus Victory Team

Complying with Global Government Mandates

In response to the global pandemic, the president has invoked the Defense Production Act in an effort to increase COVID-19 related medical equipment production. To support this effort, Jergens implemented an order priority initiative for all medical device manufacturers.

This order priority initiative has allowed:

  • Qualifying customers to receive priority
  • Same day shipping whenever possible

Delivering on Our Commitments to Customers

The opportunity for Jergens to utilize government programs and prioritize the efforts of healthcare manufacturers has allowed us to help alleviate just some of the immense pressure that medical device manufacturers are facing.

We could not be more proud of our team and their efforts to put these customers and the lives of others first. Here are some of the ways we were able to make an impact:

1.  Vyaire Medical

During this crucial time, Jergens received a call from one of our partners, DMG Mori, stating that the medical device manufacturer, Vyaire Medical, was in desperate need for parts to build ventilators for the healthcare industry and were tasked with quadrupling their production as fast as possible. 

Within just 3 weeks, Jergens:

  • Reversed engineered their current process
  • Provided product drawings to the Vyaire engineering team
  • Fabricated and shipped custom tooling
  • Installed a new setup and cutting chips
  • Implemented a new custom workholding solution

Read the full case study here.

2. Manufactured Respirator Parts

We completed an order for 500+ Shortie Spring Plungers that were sent to a leading precision machining company in Buffalo, NY. These spring plungers were used in making respirators. These parts are 100% USA made and manufactured in our facility.

3.  High-end Screwdriver from Jergens ASG Division 

Among the products offered from Jergens ASG Division is a special high-end screwdriver used to build medical devices like ventilators, an obvious essential need during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“All of a sudden, in the last six to eight weeks, we've just had and explosion of positive need for our screwdrivers and we get calls at the end of the day and they need 25, 30, 50, 100, 150 tools the next morning to be installing ventilations,” Jack Schron, President of Jergens Inc. 

Supporting the Health and Safety of Our Employees

Since the start of this pandemic, the impact on the world’s health and economy has affected us all. We as individuals have changed how we interact with friends, family and our community.

Shortly after the first notice of the Covid19 virus, the Jergens Coronavirus Victory Team (JCVT) was created. The JCVT is a team of senior management with the sole purpose of making sure the work environment stays safe and healthy during this crisis.

With constant changes coming from those in healthcare and government programs, the JCVT has met twice a week since March. During these meetings, the team discusses the latest changes with the virus, state mandates, and the impact these have had for everyone here at Jergens.

Like many other businesses, Jergens has responded with changes by requiring masks, temperature checking, restricting visitors, stopping all employee travel and much more.

In order to check temperatures, Jergens set up a screening station outside allowing all employees to stay in their car and simply roll down a window to get their temperature checked.

Luckily, thanks to developing technology, Jergens has now implemented automatic temperature screening at all entrances of the building. 

Disinfecting common areas has become part of the new everyday at Jergens. We continue to disinfect common spaces and common items several times a day (gathering spaces, handrails, refrigerator handles, stair ladders, time clocks, computers, etc.) to assist in stopping the potential movement of the virus.

Additionally, strictly a precautionary effort, Jergens has pursued help from an outside vendor to disinfectant the entire building. This process has been completed twice.

Additionally, the entire Jergens team has been committed to social distancing guidelines. Many workers volunteered to change shifts to adapt to the new 24-hour production schedule and meet social distancing requirements. 

As a result of all of these efforts, Jergens is pleased to say that there have been no confirmed cases of the coronavirus. We believe this is a true testament to the hard work of our team and all of the efforts that they have made to keep the workplace safe.

“Jergens is committed to first and foremost the health and well-being of every member of the Jergens family and providing a safe workplace.” - Jack Schron

Looking to the Future

While there is still much uncertainty around the situation, Jergens remains committed to providing the superior service and support that our customers have come to trust, while always making sure to focus on our employees health and well being.

We are made in America to serve the needs of this nation as well as others around the world. We greatly appreciate the patience of all customers and colleagues during this difficult time as we continue to provide priority support for all medical device manufacturers.

This company was built by working together and creating something that serves the greater good. We are proud to do our part.

“I cannot tell you when this will end, but together we will win, just as we have done during other challenges in the past.” - Jack Schron 

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