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Jergens Inc. Responds to The Needs of Healthcare Manufacturers

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has led to increased uncertainty for businesses across the globe. For a majority of companies, business as usual has not been an option. 

This has especially been true for the medical device industry. Medical device manufacturers are facing immense pressure to rapidly-produce tests and ventilators needed in nearly every region around the world.

In response to the global pandemic, the president has invoked the Defense Production Act in an effort to increase COVID-19 related medical equipment production. To support this effort, Jergens implemented an order priority initiative for all medical device manufacturers.

During this crucial time, Jergens received a call from one of our partners, DMG Mori, stating that the medical device manufacturer, Vyaire Medical, was in desperate need for parts to build ventilators for the healthcare industry. 

Vyaire Medical was under an incredible amount of pressure. They were tasked with quadrupling their production as fast as possible. 

Jergen’s Custom Solution

Once the Jergens team was in contact with Vyaire, they travelled to their facility and spent 8 hours reverse engineering their current tooling. During this time, Jergens had to duplicate and also retrofit an existing machine to make their parts. 

Within just 3 weeks, Jergens: 

  • Reversed engineered their current process
  • Provided product drawings to the Vyaire engineering team
  • Fabricated and shipped custom tooling 
  • Installed the new setup and cutting chips
  • Implemented a new custom workholding solution

As a result of this effort, DMG Mori and Vyaire were extremely pleased with Jergens performance and ability to care enough to put the health and safety of people’s lives above all. 

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