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Jergens Manufacturing Efficiency Blog : 2010

Welcome to our news and resource blog. Here you will find our recent developments relating to people, products and processes for three business units - Workholding Solutions, Specialty Fasteners and Lifting Solutions. To keep pace with industry, we are continually introducing new technologies, increasing our reach and sharing our successes.
Five-Axis Quick Change System Elevates the Work

Five-axis machining centers are expensive compared to three axis machines. For shops to get value out of these machines, it's particularly important to be efficient in the ways work is set up. One aspect of that efficiency is change-over time. Workholding product supplier Jergens Inc. specializes in this; the company is known for its "Ball-Lock" quick-change system. However, another workholding requirement for effective five-axis machining is that it allow the tool to reach features, faces and surfaces from many directions. Clamps that obscure or cover the part prevent five-axis machines from achieving all they can. Jergens says its new 5-Axis Workholding System aims to bring the same quick-change concepts...
Workholding Equipment: Securing the Right Grip

With increasing usage of CNC machines and the arrival of advanced tooling systems, there has been a significant change in the design of workholding tools, which are crucial to the support environment of these high-performance machines. Rachita Jha explores the latest trends in workholding that are speeding setups and promising accurate repeatability in tooling systems.

When a workpiece gets ready for job work, the sole function of the workholding device is to offer secure and fast machining set up that is built to withstand high speed and strong forces during the machining operation...
Myths About 5-Axis Workholding –What You Need to Know

It was evident at the recent IMTS show in Chicago that 5 Axis machining is rapidly becoming the norm instead of an exception. l felt like a kid in the candy store as I walked the show. Most CNC machine tool builders offer several models of multiaxis machines and the capabilities of these machines are truly amazing. They combine seemingly contradictory traits smooth motion, rigidity, speed and precision. There is a machine to suit any budget and if a dedicated 5-axis machine is out of one's reach, there are many third party single and dual rotary devices available enabling you to instantly turn your 3-axis machine into....
Jergens Workholding Solutions Group Introduces Fixturing System for Five-Axis Machining

By Tom Beard
Jergens, Inc. Workholding Solutions Group to Highlight Quick Change Fixturing at IMTS 2010
Cleveland, OH – June 21, 2010 –Jergens, Inc. will showcase its line of quick change fixturing solutions in booth W-2312 at the 2010 IMTS show being held at Chicago’s McCormick Place September 13 – 18.
Jergens, Inc. Recertifies to ISO 9001:2008
Jergens, Inc. announced today that both its TCD and ASG divisions were recertified to ISO 9001:2008, reinforcing the company’s commitment to maintaining the highest possible quality standards. Jergens’ TCD Division designs and manufactures tooling and workholding products, specialty fasteners, and lifting products, while the ASG Division distributes and services tools used in light assembly.
Jergens, Inc. Debuts a New Website
Jergens, Inc., a global leader in workholding, lifting and fastening solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website at The new website was designed to be a user-friendly resource to site visitors, allowing them instant access to a wide variety of information in one convenient place.