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BOCK Brand Locator Plates


Jergens Bock Brand Locator Plates and Dex-Loc™ Double Expanding Locator Pins serve as the foundation of your quick change workholding system. Whether using vises, modular components, or other fixturing, the Jergens Bock Locator System works well with all workholding systems. PLEASE CALL 877-426-2504 FOR ASSISTANCE IN DESIGNING A LOCATOR PLATE or email

  • Repeat setups to within +/- .001"
  • Locator Plates are available in a wide array of sizes, both in inch and metric dimensions.
  • Jergens Bock Brand Locator Plates are made of hard coated aluminum for a durable surface
  • Alpha-numeric coded holes for an accurate and repeatable baseline reference
  • Every hole precision bored to fit Dex-Loc™ locating pins and threaded through for maximum versatility
  • Brass protection plugs included for every hole
  • Eliminate time consuming "dialing in" for every setup
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Part NumberCompatible MachineThickness (in)Size (in)Material
HAAS VF-21.4214 x 36Aluminum
ROBODRILL1.4215.35 x 27.5Aluminum
MAZAK VTC200B1.4220 x 57.5Aluminum
HAAS VE-2YT1.4218 x 36Aluminum