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Ball Lock® Fixture Plate Machining Kit

Jergens fixture plate machining kits consist of extra-long Ball-Lock shanks and spacers. These kits allow a fixture plate to be installed on a subplate with clearance between the plates. When a user is initially building a fixture on a Ball-Lock Fixture plate, this clearance allows cutting tools to break thru the fixture plate without damaging the subplate below. The advantage of this setup is fixture plates can be machined while mounted to the same subplates they will used with in production.

  • Each Kit Includes 4 Shanks and 4 Spacers
  • Spacers thickness tolerance"
  • Additional Shanks and Spacers can be purchased separately
  • Spacers are 4140, Rc 40-45, Black Oxide Finish
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Kit Part NumberShank Dia.Spacer Dia. ASpacer Thk. BFixture Plate Thk. CShank Head Thk. DShank Head Dia. EShank Part NumberSpacer Part Number
49244 CAD
49604 CAD
49584 CAD
49249 CAD
49609 CAD
49589 CAD
49242 CAD
49603 CAD
49582 CAD
49243 CAD
49603 CAD
49583 CAD
49253 CAD
49613 CAD
49593 CAD